Digging Again!

 Whoa it’s been awhile! I’ve been busy, very busy as a small business owner, but I had back surgery 7 weeks ago.  Can’t seem to stay out of the depths of diving into a rabbit hole. So, you may see a few things from me in regards to things I see transpiring on the Landscape of this world we inhabit.  Godspeed, DOD


The last few weeks have been busy. Preparing, researching, connecting. The usual. When you are a Host that welcomes interesting guests to their shows. It's all part of the jam. I have to confess, it feels so good to be connecting with people who are looking forward to Doors of Deception Radio coming back online.  In your ear as my friend Johnny likes to say.  My first guest is William Ramsey. It's really cool that William will be my first guest as he and I go way back to the first year I started Doors of Deception. He had recently written "Aleister Crowley, 911 and The New World Order". We had an interesting chat as I have a long background with witch craft, magick and the occult. He has subsequently written two more books, all of them excellent, "Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders", and "Children of the Beast: Aleistar Crowley's Shadow Over Humanity". William likes titles that are short and